What is quality?

One definition of quality holds that when a vendor has taken the exact actions you requested, quality has been delivered.

By our definition, the goal of quality is to produce harmony. The more a customer's needs are fulfilled, the greater the harmony — and therefore the greater the quality.

A systematic approach

To deliver quality requires deliberate actions specifically tailored to your stated and unstated needs. If warranted by the scope of the project, we may validate and prioritize possible actions with a numerical ranking technique designed to evaluate their effectiveness. The value you receive is directly related to the rigor with which we undertake this comprehensive needs/actions analysis.

Your motorcycle as a system

Originally, a motorcycle is manufactured as a system — a fact that may not enter your awareness until something disrupts its integrity. Even seemingly insignificant alterations can disturb your motorcycle's synergistic functioning. The resulting problems may be readily apparent to you... or they may not be so obvious, simply leaving you with a vague sense of dissatisfaction and perhaps a perplexing lack of enthusiasm for riding.

As a customer, you shouldn't have to think about the interdependencies that keep things functioning smoothly. In fact, the actions required to do so may be invisible to you. It's our job to give advance thought to dependencies and the downstream effects of every change we make. Maintaining or improving upon your motorcycle's integrity as a system can be simple — or it can be a substantial undertaking.

The chain of quality

At Motolab, any component we modify or manufacture will match or exceed OEM standards for fit, finish, and durability. Visually, your motorcycle will appear flawlessly integrated, even to the most discerning eye.

However, outstanding craftsmanship alone is merely one link in the chain of quality. Only in combination with thoughtful needs analysis, strategic action planning, and deliberate attention to interdependencies can unsurpassed build quality deliver harmony.

Motolab considers every link in this chain essential to its commitment to providing total customer satisfaction.