What is a need?

Needs are associated with desired or expected changes in the customer's world and are described with words that express a sense of motion, going from a less desirable to a more desirable state. Words like achieve, enhance, expand, improve, increase, maximize, protect, recover, relieve, restore, revitalize, and revolutionize express this sense of motion. The language that expresses a sense of motion ("what" words) is fundamentally different from the language that is used in an action-oriented approach ("how" words).

For example, a client may request the installation of a wider rear wheel (which we're certainly happy to do). But is this really their need? Technically, no. By definition, needs exist independently of the strategies intended to fulfill them. "Increasing rear-wheel traction" can more accurately be called a need, whereas "installing a wider rear wheel" could be a component of a strategy designed to satisfy that need.

To get to this new perspective, ask yourself, "By installing this wheel, what am I maximizing, enhancing, improving, etc.?" You're likely to discover more than one answer. Perhaps it's increasing traction. Or improving appearance. Or something else.

Delving further

Things get really interesting when we delve further, viewing each new "what" as a "how". To expand on one of the examples above, increasing rear-wheel traction could be a strategic component of an even more comprehensive need. Ask yourself, "By increasing rear-wheel traction, what am I maximizing, improving, enhancing, etc.?" This time, the "what" may be enhancing performance.

Try this once again. "By enhancing performance, what am I maximizing, improving, increasing, etc.?" Here, your answer could be achieving a sense of confidence.

If you so desire, you can continue even further: "By achieving a sense of confidence, what am I maximizing, improving, enhancing, etc.?" It may be expanding your experience of empowerment.

At every step along the way, from the very specific to the very broad, our needs become more inclusive. In addition, each level of inquiry reveals an array of needs, any or all of which we can follow to their most expansive conclusion.

Expanding your solution space

We invite you to step back from strategies and to focus some attention upon your needs. Motolab can guide you through this process of discovery, using a range of proven techniques, from simple inquiries like the one described above to more involved analysis, if appropriate. This kind of up-front time investment invariably yields rich rewards: more complete identification of your true needs, paving the way for comprehensive and unforeseen solutions to emerge.

When we resist the temptation to prematurely jump into action, we vastly increase the likelihood that the solutions we implement will yield that more desirable state, moving you from where you are today to where you would like to be tomorrow.

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